Quick way to get the total amount of provisioned space from cinder

alvaro@skyline.local: ~
$ cinder list --all-tenants

mysql like output :)

So to parse the output and add all the values in the Size col, use the next piped commands.

Apr 13 2017

Quick guide to remember how to keep up to date forked repos:

First: Manage set of tracked repositories.

alvaro@skyline.local: ~/docker-openstack-cli
$ git remote -v

origin https://github.com/alsotoes/docker-openstack-cli.git (fetch)
origin https://github.com/alsotoes/docker-openstack-cli.git (push)

Second: Add the remote repo to work with.


I thing we pass the part of what juju is and how it works, so I'll post direct commands and configurations of how getting the environment working inside a LXC container, created just for juju, not the local configuration that creates and LXC container, in other words, out host server does not have any juju package.

Some links to read in case you need more info, or you can post a question.

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